The Local Music Guild (LMG) was founded in 2014 in the Central Florida area. LMG produces public workshops, seminars and online resources contributed by a growing advisory board, consisting of industry professionals, agreeing to share their experiences on new trends influencing the music community. We rely on support from our LMG members to help accomplish our goals.

Our Commitment To The Community
The funds generated through Local Music Guild go back to servicing the art community to some exciting ways:

Music Advice 101 (
The project offers free "how to" articles generated by our amazing team, and fueled by new and effective trends happening in the music industry. Follow the "Sarge" as he drills his "zombie" band members into shape and gives life to their projects!

Seminars And Workshops
Gain priority treatment to seminars and workshops featuring special guests covering "need to know" topics. Workshop topics are organized to help the community network, learn about being an independent artist, and meet goals to lift your project off the ground.

Advisory Board
In an effort to better understand new trends in the music industry, we have formed and advisory board. Every quarter the board is surveyed to help shed light on information that can be useful in endeavors. Our advisory board is growing, and all Local Music Guild members have the option to join the board at no cost. Help us make a voice for the community!  See our list of board members here.